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When you arrive for your initial consultation, there will be an examination and assessment whereby your therapist will ask you questions about your injury and run some tests in order to determine the diagnosis. A range of different treatments are used that will be specifically tailored to your injury and the signs and symptoms that you present with.

Exercise Therapy

As part of the rehabilitation process, exercises are often given as part of a programme to do at home. In order to enhance muscular function, specific muscles often have to be retrained or strengthened in order to decrease pain, improve range of movement, and prevent reinjury.

The main areas of focus are: As an injury progresses, exercises become more functional and sport-specific and will incorporate more training drills tailored to the injury.

Sports Massage

Massage can help promote relaxation of tense muscles. Sports massage can be quite uncomfortable because it works deeply into the muscles to realign scar tissue and increase flexibility. It also enhances blood flow to the injured area which optimises the healing process.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a technique whereby the therapist uses their hands to mobilise a specific joint or area of the body. It can be particularly beneficial for treating joints that lack mobility.

Hot & Cold Therapy

Depending on the stage of injury, the use of heat packs or cold modalities can be beneficial. Ice packs or ice massage can help reduce swelling and decrease pain. Therapeutic heat can help to relieve muscle spasm and increase blood flow to the injured area.


Therapeutic Ultrasound is used to help optimise the inflammatory process in the early stage of injury and can also be used to help break down scar tissue and realign fibres in muscles, ligament and tendons. Interferential electrotherapy stimulates the secretion of the body’s natural painkillers. It helps to reduce pain, decrease inflammation and relax strained muscles.